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Our Clients

See below our valued list of past and present clients

Omni 360 came as a recommendation to us from a local acquaintance. When we first met them, we were just dipping our toes into solar and not really doing much volume, maybe 1-2 installs a week. Within 6 months we had grown our team from 4 staff to 15 and were completing up to 20 installs a week. They took care of all customer engagement all the way through to install plus ongoing customer service, network applications, compliance and all training of the sales team. It was a great experience and have the utmost respect for their work and company ethics.


I have known Sam Noonan, one of the Directors for years and have consistently been impressed with feedback from other people who have had business dealings with him. When we first started working with Omni, we were doing an install here and there. 3 months in, we had scaled up and were completing 5-8 installs a week regularly. They are always easy to deal with and solve problems very quickly. We are still working with them to this day and have expanded into other regions and products with them.

James Kelly – Director, Chris Elec

We consistently pass work between each other as we cover different areas of marketing. They are always great to deal with and we have had an ongoing relationship since they started the business. Always had great feedback from anyone we have introduced them to.


Jodie Van Elst, Director Xenex Media